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The jewelry we sell has been hand fabricated or handcast. We use natural gemstones and predominantly work with high karat gold (22k), sterling silver or fine (pure) silver.  Lower karat gold is used for strength when necessary (our ring shanks are mostly 20k or 18k gold for this reason. )  We sometimes like to experiment with new materials such as Argentium (low tarnish) silver,  "reactive" metals like titanium or niobium, or bonded metals.  We will always tell you what materials we have used in our jewelry, and are happy to work with you on a particular request. 

Jewelry is personal.  Jewelry is powerful.  Throughout history, it has stood as a symbol of one's status -whether it was to indicate royal status,  wealth or  marital status.  It has served as a remembrance - of an event, a special occasion or a loved one gone.  It has been a good luck charm or a talisman.  It has been  used in  rituals.   It exemplifies and communicates to the world our personal style.  It is a privilege for us to make something that is so personal  and we aim to provide you with an item of quality that you will always cherish.

Our Vision

handcrafted and custom jewelry
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